Green Building

For those unfamiliar with the topic, green building focuses on reducing energy and water use, mitigating health risks to the occupants and reducing environmental impacts. But that isn’t really all that progressive, more just common sense. The future of green building (called regenerative design in some circles) entails creating positive energy flows, net zero water use, and actually improving the health and enriching the life of the occupants.
The projects I’ve worked on reflect my own personal learning curve towards developing designs for a truly green building. With each project I’ll explain the goals and my takes on the design. Enjoy!

Stevenson Infill Apartments

The Stevenson apartments project was my first foray into green building, and my first attempt at 3D modeling as well. It entailed developing a plan to certify the facility as a green building, including replaced finishes and retrofitted windows and light fixtures.

UCSC - Stevenson Apartments - Solar
Solar PV layout for the Stevenson Apartments


Stevenson Apartments 
Stevenson Apartments from above 

The Mini House

The mini house was a playful attempt at creating a two story, two bedroom house to sit on a small lot, only 1000 square feet. Because the house is only 550 square feet, the living room was sacrificed for the kitchen and dining room, which in retrospect could have been handled with more flexibility.
The Kitchen 
The kitchen is fairly large considering the size of the house, but it’s definitely a place people congregate and socialize.
Dining room 

The Tiny House

The Tiny House is my interpretation of the trend of building very small houses, only 150 square feet. This one is actually 170 square feet, fitted to a pre-existing slab in Santa Cruz where the house was designed for. It features a lofted sleeping area above the bathroom, with a living room/kitchen/dining room area. The house was also designed to use only natural light and renewable energy, with solar panels (PV & hot water) for heating and power. A large storage tank outside is used for storing roof water runoff for a nearby garden.
Tiny House floor plan 
Tiny House in section view 
Oh, I forgot to mention, this was my first project in Revit, so it’s a bit rough around the edges. That’s why the sink is nowhere near the basin (I haven’t gotten around to fixing that yet, but the project’s behind me).
Exterior rendering