I’ll preface this with the confession that I’m nowhere near a professional photographer, and I’ve had no formal training on the subject. I use photography as a means of capturing things of interest for my memory bank, as a method of integrating my future work into the landscape around it, and as a presentation tool for displaying my work. I’ve picked up some good rules to practice photography by, but I’m by no means ‘practiced’, so bear with me.

Colorized Crocker Theater
Colorized image for early project visualization


Old fence & Golden fields
North of Santa Cruz – Old fence & Golden fields


UCSC - Engineering 2 in HDR
UCSC – Engineering 2 Building in HDR


UCSC - New building with slight edits
UCSC – New building with slight edits



A Photosynth I created of my grandparent’s old farm, too bad it was only with an iPhone 3GS